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February 2020

Buying a House in Cash vs. Home Loan

home loan

Living in a mortgage-free or loan-free home can be a blessing if you are the owner of the house and can sell, refurbish, and do a lot with the property. If you buy a home with the cash, you immediately own it, but if you buy the house on mortgage, you are liable to pay a certain amount annually or monthly. Buying a property in cash also means that at the end of the deal, you will be left with a low bank balance but a house of your own. Now, let us look at whether it is wise enough to buy a house in cash or home loan:

Buy a House in Cash

No Interest: Buying a house in cash means you do not have to pay any interest that would otherwise accrue from a home loan.

Quick Turnaround Time: As you pay in cash, you can expect the seal the deal as soon as possible. There is hardly a waiting time in cash payment.

You are Owner: Buying a property in cash makes you the immediate owner.

Keep Income Secret: You don’t have to disclose the income when buying an asset in cash. Mortgage lenders, however, require you to show a certain amount of income.

Reduced Liquidity: Paying in cash can you leave with the least money in the bank. Houses and assets can be way expensive to buy in cash.

Buy a House By Loan

Tax Benefits: Taxpayers in the US can subtract the interest paid on initial and following home loans up to $1,000,000 in mortgage arrears.

Qualify for a Mortgage: Prospective buyers are required to qualify for the loan. They will have to show income proof as well as their bank balance if needed for the mortgage lenders.

Time Consuming: Applying for a mortgage and buying a property on loan can be time-consuming. Lenders ask for a range of financial documents and scrutinize the application on various parameters. During the time of screening, the lenders may choose to turn down any form if it fails to meet the requirement.

Whether you are building a custom home or buying a spec home, you have a choice whether to buy by cash or through loan. Buying a home on loan is a wise choice if you have a stable income. Try to pay off the loan at the earliest and enjoy the ownership of the newly purchased property.

Marble Floor Polishing Tips

marble floor polishing

Marble is a natural stone that is durable and adds to the aesthetics of the property. Marble flooring, however, has its challenges as any mistake could reduce the natural shine of the stone. So, here we are with top tips for every shiny marble floor.

Top custom home builders know that floors are one of the most important aspects of any home, and must be right. You simply cannot have a beautiful home interior without great floors. And natural stone floors, such as marble, are among the most exquisite look that you can have. Posada Custom Homes is a luxury home builder in Orlando and Winter Park, FL, and many of their floors are polished marble.

Tips for Marble Polishing

  1. Always use a damp mop rather than a drenched one as water leaked from the drenched mop could be absorbed by the surface of the marble.
  2. Use deionized water for mobbing the marble floor. Deionized water is less damaging to the natural stone.
  3. Don’t use acids and commercially prepared cleaner as they can be detrimental to the natural stone. The acidic property of the detergent can cause discoloration and reduce the strength of the marble floor.
  4. Using water as a sole agent is also not recommended as it can make the floor look dull over time. Prefer using a neutral solvent for radiant looking marble flooring.
  5. Seal the marble flooring with a good quality sealant to prevent damages. A sealant can also enhance the durability of the floor.
  6. Marbles can get dirty quite quickly. Regular cleaning is highly recommended to keep the marble flooring in its tip-top shape. Immediately clean up any spills using a dry and clean mob as the spills can be absorbed by the porous floor.
  7. Moving heavy furniture can be damaging to the marble floor. Place a rug or thick mat under the legs of the furniture before moving it around. Damage caused by the dragging of heavy furniture can be permanent.
  8. Reseal the floor after every three to six years. However, abstain from overdoing it for a durable floor.
  9. Homemade detergents also contain acidic elements. It is advisable not to use them for marble floor cleaning.
  10. As long as possible, always go for dry cleaning the marble floor as it won’t cause any harm to the surface.

If you’re thinking of getting marble flooring for your home, then you’re definitely making a great choice. Make sure you talk about it with your builder even before the home building process so they can incorporate it with your home design!

How To Find Builder For Your Dream Home

dream home builder

A home builder is a professional contractor who takes care of the building process of your home. It is this pro who ensures that the house is structured according to your style and safe to live in. Therefore, it is very crucial to hire the right builder for your home. Here we are to help you find the right builder for your dream project.

1. Research Right: Start your search for the builder from the authentic resources. It is highly advisable to obtain a list of builders in your area from the local home builders association. The list can be obtained by visiting the official website of the association. Here you can find authentic builders that you can count on in the future.

2. Gather Quotes: Contact the builder from the list and ask for the quotes. You can provide a fair idea about the project for the contractor to quote accordingly. You may ask for quotes from multiple builders and shortlist them later. If you are on a tight budget, check out some of the jobs around the house you can do on your own in the video below. 

3. Specialty of the Builder: Now, since you have received the quotes, shortlist the builder as per their specialty. For instance, you want to have a custom home builder than prioritize a contractor that has previous experience of building a custom house.

4. Ask for References: You must by now have shortlisted some of the builders that you would consider for your dream project. Ask them to provide a reference to previous clients. You can also ask direct questions to know whether they will be able to provide quality work.

5. Experience: Experience is a necessary parameter for evaluating the right contractor. A more experienced home builder can deliver an excellent job and ensure safety on the site.

It always a good idea to speak to the home building contractor as often as you can before hiring him/her. Once the construction is started changing the contractor would be next to impossible as the new contractor will have to start from scratch, and you will have to pay more. So, choose wisely.

How to Choose the Best Home Design

best home design

Are you currently in the process of building or buying your very own home? If so, then you must be thinking of the best home design. Many house buyers would simply trust an architect or will pick out a random ready-made design off a catalog, but others would exert a little more effort than that. Being involved in choosing the design for your home is a great thing. Even better when you’re working with a custom home builder who can customize or personalize that design according to your preferred specifications and requirements.

So how to choose the best design? What steps do you have to take? Here are some tips that might help you out.

Do your research: Did you come across a really good home design? Don’t stop right there. There are so many designs available and that might not be the best just yet. Remember, building your own house costs a lot of money so you might as well choose a design you are in love with so you can continue to enjoy its beauty for the many years to come.

Be practical: Sure, one home design looks amazing but is it practical? And we’re not even talking about the money here – we’re talking functionality. For instance, a house made with floor to ceiling glass windows looks like a dream but if you live in an area where cars and strangers pass by all the time and you’re not planning to build high fences around your house, do you think these glass windows that would expose your private space be practical at all?

Consult with an expert: Experts in home building have the knowledge and experience needed to come up with great home designs. Consult with them and trust their expertise.

Once you have found your home building contractor that you want to work with, you can discuss with them your wants and needs so they can give you sound advice.